Help! My boss is neither a leader nor a manager!

I recently found myself thinking about what Simon Sinek said about people not wanting to be managed, but were willing to be lead.  After years of being micromanaged, I find myself feeling like a caged animal looking for ways to escape.

What action should someone take when their “Boss” is neither a good leader nor a good manager?  What happens to morale when the person who signs the paychecks is lacking all the skills necessary to lead?

After two weeks on the job, I recognized the tell-tale signs that the person I reported to, lacked all the necessary skills to deliver on his promises.  He showed up late to work, called in often citing “family responsibilities”, didn’t communicate with his full team and would even go days without talking to us. And yet, this was the man who was charged to lead our team; the person responsible for our collective success and recommending promotions.

I wonder, “What is an employee to do?”  What should I have done? I waited for things to get better.  My Boss continually listened to motivational podcasts, attended webinars on a regular basis and subscribed to every new shiny object in hopes of growing the business.  But still … here his team sat, waiting for him to lead us.  A major disconnect.

Eventually, team members gave up. One by one turning in their resignations – some leaving without any notice or having another job lined up.  Sure the now unemployed-employee will post on social media that they’re looking for a new job, but the people who need to know – quite possibly will never know. And that, in itself, is quite possibly, the biggest tragedy of all.