“I’m really kind of the suffer-in-silence type”

When Bella Swan declared “I’m really kind of the suffer-in-silence type” in the 2008 Twilight movie, millions of movie-goers shook their heads in collective agreement.

But here we are 10 years later, these movie-goers are learning that life is hard, especially when endured alone.  In a world where we crave connection, people have never felt more alone.

Ostracized by communities claiming to be accepting, today’s generations are spending more time huddled in silence, staring at their phone, wondering why everyone’s life is so much better…

Is it better to “suffer in silence”?  What happens when there really is no one asking the right questions?  If problems are not shared, the burden becomes so heavy that the body literally retaliates.  The saying “stress kills” is an honest diagnosis.

Therapists encourage patients to find stress relief.  My own family owns a punching bag for those moments where relief (or distraction) is needed.  Working out releases endorphins (mimicking feelings of love and acceptance).  Being outside and communing with nature is a great way of releasing stress, as well as volunteering.  Doing something for someone else is one of the best stress-relievers.

Perhaps it’s time to break the silence and let down the walls. Speak your feelings and share your dreams, your hurts and your frustrations.  Instead of “suffering in silence”,  it’s time to let it out and figure it out. Together.